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Sunpath Products - Javelin Odyssey - "the rig of tomorrow". The Javelin Odyssey offers exceptional safety, performance, comfort, and fashion, from a company that has proven itself an industry leader in skydiving harness & container manufacturing over the last decade.

Strong Enterprises, Inc. - "A leader in parachute design and development since 1961. We manufacture skydiving equipment, tandem parachutes, aerial delivery systems, emergency safety chutes for pilots, and military parachutes."

Shop - We're the World's LARGEST Print and Internet Parachuting Catalog. For all of your Parachutes and Skydiving needs, let our HUGE IN-STOCK INVENTORY become your one-stop shopping SUPERSTORE. Para-Gear has been supplying the world with Parachutes and Skydiving Equipment since 1960, and now sells to more than 150 countries from all over the world. Our goal as always is to provide to you the largest selection of parachutes and skydiving products in the world, fast and friendly service, and a knowledgeable sales staff to help you in any way possible.

Performance Designs, Inc. - "Whether it is the reputation of the tried and trusted PD Reserve, or the Velocity's prowess as one of the world's highest performing cross-braced canopies ever built, Performance Designs' Canopies will satisfy all of your skydiving needs."

United Parachute Technologies - United Parachute Technologies home of Vector3, Skyhook, & Sigma

LiquidSky - is rapidly becoming the most recognized FreeFly jumpsuit brand in the industry. Our dedication to providing the highest quality product and level of customer service has been proving itself for the past five years. "

Sky Systems - Best Above The Earth - Skydiving Helmets

Vigil - The Skydiver's Guardian Angel

Flexvision Products & Services - Skydiving Accessories and Promotional Products

Bev Suits - Skydiving Suits by Bev Hein - "a full service skydiving jumpsuit manufacturer committed to building quality jumpsuits for all of your skydiving needs."

Alti-2 - manufacturer of sport altimeters and military altimeters

Tony Suit - "We are the manufacturer of the world's most popular skydiving jumpsuits."

Ouragan Suits - - "top quality freefly & wind tunnel suits for skydivers of all levels. Born from a passion for skydiving, Ouragan's purpose is simple - to provide a suit that makes you feel free while flying allowing you to focus on your skills."

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