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2015 - 2016

2015-2016 Upcoming-Events

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Head Up/Head Down Skills Camp
April 22 - 24

SIS Event and
Women's Head Down Record
April 22 - 24

Flight-1 Course 202
April 30

Sisters in Skydiving

Sisters in Skydiving
Friday, April 22 - 24

Sky ladies near and far, join us at Skydive Sebastian for an annual gathering for girls to learn, fly, and have an epic time together! We'll kick things off Friday with an exclusive women's only Flight-1 Canopy Course (separate registration) by the fabulous Maxine Tate. Saturday and Sunday, we'll have JaNette Lefkowitz, of SDC Rhythm organizing RW jumps, as well as Stephanie Strange from SDC Core putting up freefly jumps. Both JaNette and Stephanie will be arranging jumps of all different skill levels throughout the day, so no matter what kind of flying you like to do, or where you are in your progression, these ladies will get you flying! Jacob, of our very own Zoo Bar and Grill, will also be catering a dinner for us on Saturday night, the cost of which is included in the registration fee. So grab your SIS and come on out! Let's show these guys what it really means to fly like a girl!

Registration - is $25.00

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Sisters in Skydiving
Flight 101 - Canopy Course
Friday, April 22

The beautiful Maxine Tate is teaching Flight-1 101 (Ladies Only) canopy control course during the SIS weekend at Skydive Sebastian.

Flight 101 is the first course in the 100 series and is the cornerstone for making you a safer canopy pilot, as well as making your DZ a safer place for all skydivers. Flight 101 is open to any skydiver that is cleared to self-supervise.

The Flight-1 ladies are in full support of USPA’s Sisters in Skydiving and we're incredibly excited to be organizing a LADIES ONLY day at Skydive Sebastian.

Cost per course is $150 plus 5 hop n pops.

To join, sign up here - Registration form on Flight-1 Website

Head Up Camp

Skydive Sebastian Up-Right Camp W/ SDC Core
April 22 - 24

Goal: to SAFELY work on upright bigway formations. This event is for advanced to pro upright flyers that maybe haven't had opportunities to learn and fly in bigway formations and for you to see if you have what it takes to tryout for upcoming Upright world records. (this is not an upright WORLD record camp tryout)

Skills required for camp:

  • Must be able to approach a formation on your head and track on your back
  • Must be able to safely fly in proximity to a formation
  • You will be approaching formations on your head and breaking of on your head
  • 15 total Jumps or more if weather and time Permit

Registration - is $25.00

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Link to Registration Form

Feel free to Email questions to Jake

Flight 1 Courses
Flight-1 Courses at Skydive Sebastian
Flight 202
April 30

Jason Moledzki will be teaching the Flight-1 Course at Skydive Sebastian!

  • Flight 202 - Saturday 30 April

Flight 202 offers you a structured framework to building your high performance approach. It provides deeper informaiton on building airspeed on approaches using rotation, and offers the chance to learn rules and altitudes associated with more challenging approaches. It also offers flight planning and future training considerations.

Cost per course is $160 plus the cost of 5 hop n pops.

Step 1 - To Register for a course, sign up using one of the following course links:

Sign up for Flight 202

Step 2 - Once you have completed your on-line registration with Flight-1, you can purchase the course you selected here:

Purchase Flight 202

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Give us a call at 772-388-5672 if you have any questions.